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Collecting yamadori in May 2016

27. toukokuuta 2016 — Ronja

A few weeks ago I went out collecting yamadori trees with a few friends.

This location is at the northern outskirts of Helsinki, Finland, in a clearing under some powerlines. We had permission from the land owner to dig there.

Originally I didn't mean to get anything for myself but eventually I spotted an interesting Norway maple (Acer platanoides).

Image 1. Somewhere in Helsinki under powerlines.
Yamadori hunt under powerlines

Image 2. The area had many very interesting wych elms (Ulmus glabra).
Ulmus glabra

Image 3.
Ulmus glabra

Image 4.
Ulmus glabra

Image 5.
Ulmus glabra

Image 6. We broke a shovel.

Image 7. The electric reciprocating saw made short work of the thicker roots.
Makita reciprocating saw

Image 8. Two very thick and massive elms right next to each other. We only dug up on.
Ulmus glabra yamadori

Image 9. This one isn't one of the above, it was ways off somewhere.
Ulmus glabra yamadori

Image 10. Almost done. We cut roots off this beast for most of the afternoon.
Ulmus glabra yamadori

Image 11. It's finally loose. Wrapping the rootball in a tarp.
Ulmus glabra yamadori

Image 12. This is the Norway maple that I took home.
Acer platanoides yamadori

I carved away some of that rotten deadwood visible in the middle of the above image. It revealed a pretty interesting, large hollow. I meant to take a picture of the hollow but the memory card port on my camera seems to have died.

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