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Collecting yamadori in May 2016

27. toukokuuta 2016 — Ronja

A few weeks ago I went out collecting yamadori trees with a few friends.

This location is at the northern outskirts of Helsinki, Finland, in a clearing under some powerlines. We had permission from the land owner to dig there.

Originally I didn't mean to get anything for myself but eventually I spotted an interesting Norway maple (Acer platanoides).

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My maples in May 2016

5. toukokuuta 2016 — Ronja

My main hobby is bonsai, but as a side project I have also started collecting maples. Some of them I aim to develop into bonsai but not all. I imagine the species with the larger leaf sizes won't be bonsai-appropriate and will instead just hang out and grow.

I don't have a yard or garden for these hobbies, my plants just live on the balcony of my Helsinki apartment.

In this post I will go over all my maple species acquired so far, along with photos. Most of them are just small seedlings but in a few you can already see the beginning shapes of a bonsai.

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